Dr. rer. nat.

Stefan Vlaminck

Stefan Vlaminck
Lehrstuhl für Physische Geographie und Geoökologie


Building: Seminargebäude

Room: SG 019

Templergraben 55

52056 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 96477

Research Interests

  • Research fields
    • Sedimentology
    • Loess research
    • Soil Science
    • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
    • Geochemistry

  • Regional focus
    • Germany
    • Iran


  • Born: 1982 in Cologne.
  • Studies: Geography (Diplom), Geology, Soil Science: Cologne, Bonn 2005-2011.
  • Diploma thesis: Sedimentological and geomorphological indicators of Holocene Tsunamis in the Louros Delta (NW Greece).
  • Promotion: Cologne 2017: Northeastern Iranian loess and its palaeoclimatic implications, University of Cologne, online publication.

Current Projects


Journal Articles

Source Author(s)
[Journal Article]
Loess-soil sequence at Toshan (Northern Iran): Insights into late Pleistocene climate change
In: Quaternary international, 399, 122-135, 2016
[DOI: 10.1016/j.quaint.2015.04.028]
Vlaminck, Stefan
Kehl, Martin
Lauer, Tobias
Shahriari, Ali
Sharifi, Jafar
Eckmeier, Eileen
Lehndorff, Eva
Khormali, Farhad
Frechen, Manfred

Publications (non RWTH)


Vlaminck, S., Rolf, C., Franz, O., Lauer, T., Kehl, M., Lehndorff, E., Frechen, M., Khormali, F., (2018). Late Pleistocene dust dynamics and pedogenesis in southern Eurasia – detailed insights from the loess profile Toshan (NE Iran). Quaternary Science Reviews 180, 75-95.


Lauer, T., Frechen, M., Vlaminck, S., Kehl, M., Lehndorff, E., Shahriari, A., (2017). Luminescence chroinology of the loess-palaeosol sequence Toshan, Northern Iran – A highly resolved climate archive for the last glacial-interglacial cycle. Quaternary International 429, Part B, 3-12.

Lauer, T., Vlaminck, S., Frechen, M., Rolf, C., Kehl, M., Sharifi, J., Lehndorff, E., Khormali, F., (2017). The Agh Band loesspalaeosol sequence – A terrestrial archive for climatic shifts during the last and penultimate glacial-interglacial cycles in a semiarid region in northern Iran. Quaternary International 429, Part B, 13-30.

Shahriari, A., Khormali, F., Bläsing, M., Vlaminck, S., Kehl, M., Frechen, M., Karimi, A., Lehndorff, E. (2017). Biomarkers in modern and buried soils of semi-desert and forest ecosystems of Northern Iran. Quaternary International 429, Part B, 62-73.