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  Beach in Spain Copyright: G. Stauch

Starting this summer, we will establish a sand database with the help of all students. The goal is a comprehensive collection of sand samples from all over the world. For this, we rely on the help of the fond of traveling among you: Bring us sand! It does not matter if it is fluvial, marine (sea beach!) or aeolian. The farther away, the better. In the laboratory of the Chair of Physical Geography and Geoecology selected samples are then microscopically examined and analyzed for their grain-size distribution.

For each sample, we need one or two significant photos of the surrounding landscape and a photo of where the sample was taken. In addition, we need the date of the sampling as well as the coordinates (which you can get at GoogleMaps for example). Approximately 100 g of sample material, which you can transport for instance in a well-rinsed jam jar, are sufficient.

Your photos and the details of your sample will be recorded, with your consent, with your name in the online database. You can hand in the samples directly to Georg Stauch in his office or send it via mail. With the results, we want to show how different the sand is worldwide!

We are looking forward to your souvenirs from all over the world!

  Example of the sample amount Copyright: G. Stauch   Copyright: G. Stauch  
Sample ID Date Location Coordinates Type From Comment Overview Detail
ASD0001 2017/04/20 Strait of Magellan, Chile



beach Georg Stauch high content of vulcanic clasts Link Link
ASD0002 2018/06/15 Elbe River



river Georg Stauch Link Link
ASD003 2017/08/23

Orog Nuur, Mongolia



dune Veit Nottebaum Link Link

  Copyright: G. Stauch Elbe River (ASD0002)   Copyright: G. Stauch Elbe River (ASD0002)   Copyright: G. Stauch Elbe River (ASD0002)   Copyright: G. Stauch Elbe River (ASD0002)   Copyright: G. Stauch Dune Mongolia (ASD0003)   Copyright: G. Stauch Dune Mongolia (ASD0003)   Copyright: T. Alasentie ASD0004: Brenna,Toskana   Copyright: S. Laux ASD0005: Rhodos, Greece   Copyright: D. Laur ASD0006: Calanque de Port Pin, France   Copyright: S. Pötter ASD0007: Fetesti, Romania   Copyright: J. Marx ASD0008: Vik i Myrdal, Island   Copyright: J. Marx ASD0009: Bondi Beach, Australien   ASD0010_1 Copyright: C. Thielen ASD0010: Armacao de Pera, Portugal   ASD0011_1 Copyright: T. Strerath ASD0011: Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesien   ASD0012_1 ASD0011: Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesien   ASD0012_1 Copyright: N. Bobchev ASD0011: Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesien   ASD0014_1 Copyright: V. Nottebaum ASD0011: Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesien   ASD0015_1 Copyright: G. Stauch ASD0011: Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesien   ASD0016_1 Copyright: K. Schöne ASD0016: Side, Türkei   ASD0017_1 Copyright: K. Schöne ASD0017: Ko Chang, Thailand   ASD0018_1 Copyright: K. Schöne ASD0018: Otres Beach, Kambodscha