Software Providers Re-Invited to Submit Bids




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The negotiation process, through which RWTH Aachen is selecting a new Campus Management System, has entered the next round with a renewed invitation to submit bids.


The software providers who made it through the competition submitted their first bid in December 2013. Over the course of this past spring, defined components of the bids were negotiated between RWTH Aachen and the providers. This includes the EVB-IT system contract as the contractual foundation of the future collaboration, the catalog of requirements, which describes the performance spectrum of the future software, and the so called implementation concept, in which the provider explains how the software implementation will take place. In this context RWTH Aachen defined minimum criteria that the new software must fulfill. In doing so, the University ensures that it really gets what it needs.

Based on previous conversations and updated documents the providers were invited on June 18, 2014, to submit new, binding bids. The deadline for submitting bids is July 30, 2014. Bids will be reviewed during an internal university process. The contract will be awarded by the end of the year after the provider workshops have taken place. The software implementation is scheduled to begin January 2015 and end December 2017.