Future RWTH Aachen Campus Management System from TU Graz


The path has been paved for the future of campus management at RWTH Aachen: The IT support for all central areas of the student life cycle will be based off of the integrated software CAMPUSonline from the Tecnical University of Graz. CAMPUSonline will mainly replace all of the CAS Software AG and HIS eG systems currently used at RWTH Aachen.


The new, integrated campus management system

  • offers RWTH Aachen innovative and sustainable IT support for all organizational processes in studies and teaching
  • is completely web-based and accessible via a uniform web interace
  • ensures efficient data handling and reduced error sources with its central data storage
  • points students and employees at the university a joint view of data and functionalities, thus enabling more transparency in processes
  • is further characterized by the fact that components and functions can be configure based on RWTH Aachen's needs.

CAMPUSonline has already been successfully implemented at TU Munich and the Universities of Cologne and Stuttgart. The software will be introduced at RWTH Aachen in January 2015. Implementation is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.