2017 RWTHonline Information Event

  2017 RWTHonline Information Event Copyright: Andreas Schmitter






On September 13, 2017, Marcel Lämmerhirt gave a demonstration of the student life cycle functionality offered by RWTHonline, the new student management system.


In September 2017, about 250 students and university employees took the opportunity to get informed on the status of implementation of RWTHonline, the new campus management system of RWTH Aachen University. The full system will be launched at the start of the winter semester of 2018/19, but selected functionality will be available starting December 4, 2017 (see also the RWTHonline timeline).

During the event, members of the PuL project team provided an overview of the new system, focusing on rights and functionality management, which is much more fine-grained than that of the current CAMPUS system and makes it possible for users to access all relevant functions with only one log in.

Currently, about 1,000 students are participating in the pilot operation of RWTHonline; in December, the pilot operation will be expanded to cover 45,000 students and offer functionality such as fee-, application- and admission management.

Marcel Lämmerhirt offered a live demonstration of the system’s student life cycle functionality, going through the application, admission, and course registration processes, as well as exemplifying the exam management process and the entry of grades. In his presentation, Lämmerhirt illustrated the user experience of both students and administrators.

Subsequently the attendees had the opportunity to try out the new system and ask questions.

University members can access the presentation slides and a recording of the live demonstration (de) on the intranet.